Portland Contemporary Art Museum (PCAM)




Everything you really need at the price you can afford.  PCAM offers NEW WORLD ORDER Memberships and T-shirts .   

UFOs over Portland, Oregon  Posters.  Set of 2 18x 24 inches each has 18 post cards that can be cut out as postcards on postal grade light weight postcard stock paper.  The picture shows just 4 out of a total of 36 different postcard images included on the two posters. Postage is included.

Price $12.00


Price $900,000.00 

Water Fall  $775,000,000.00 

This is the Online Portland Contemporary Art Museum.  An Exhibigt from the Machine will be mailed to you for   $6 including postage.  Keep the exhibit. Send Mail Art to:

Portland Contemporary Art Museum and it may be included with a mailed out exhibit.

PO Box 6056 Portland Oregon 97228-6056 USA

Price $6.00 

Inism --Something ini original in the mail. --postage included.

Price $19.99

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